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Marking criteria: Digital newspaper

Home page and editorial subsections (tabs). Variety of subsections (e.g. news, opinions, sport, lifestyle, art, business). User-friendlyness of the website. Easy navigation. Digital advertisements. Hyperlinks enabling cross navigation. How frequently is the news updated?
News value. Mix on Homepage (is it a good combination of various stories with high news value?). Are there striking headings on which readers would like to click and which they might want to share on social media? Are there prods below the headings with high attraction value? Good content in the subsections. Is there for instance a good balance between breaking news and in-depth analysis? Language use and clean, error-free copy.
50% for news value, 50% for language.
Please note: The digital publication should be a lively website that is updated regularly with new stories, live links and interactivity, not a static PDF of a printed newspaper. An E-newspaper is not the same as a website. The digital entries must be websites, not e-newspapers (PDFs).
Good use of photographs and advertisements. Readability of headings and prods. Visual elements like video, gifs and graphics. Neat layout of the website. Good use of colour that catches the eye, but which is not overpowering. No headings that break unevenly or text that breaks incorrectly due to the placing of advertisements.
WECAN24  (10):
Registration and involvement
OPERATIONAL PLAN (5) (Please note): These criterium are the same as that of the printed newspaper. In cases where schools enter for both digital and printed newspaper, they will be awarded the same mark for their operational plan, because they have only one operational plan and one editorial team.
Process and planning, income and expenditure statement, editorial team.
Quality, credibility, freshness, agility, speed.

Example (2016) Helpmekaar Kollege - winning newspaper 2016:


Attached is Helpmekaar Kollege’s entry form for the digital competition. The digital newspaper is too large to attach, but is available on our web-newspaper’s webpage under “e-Koerant”.
Please note that our learners have also created a website AND a cellphone app so that our "digital newspaper" is in fact truly an E-NEWSPAPER. Our e-newspaper is also known as the